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    Telehouse Seoul - Seoul Finance Center 8F, Tae Pyoungno 1ga 84, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 100-170

About Telehouse Seoul:

Telehouse Seoul is located in downtown Seoul, just 5 minutes from Seoul City Hall and the US Embassy. As a carrier neutral data center, Telehouse Seoul is unusual in Korea, providing more flexible connectivity and the freedom of choice. Telehouse Seoul provides impressive security, cooling, fire protection, stable electric power and internet connectivity with redundancy. Telehouse Seoul is attractive to multinational companies with physical operations in Korea and those looking to set up a reliable ICT infrastructure in one of the fastest growing nations in East Asia.

Data Centre Infrastructure:

• Rack colocation service - Customer’s equipment is installed in a 19-inch, individually locked cabinet within a shared facility
• Cage colocation service - dedicated space enclosed inside a floor-to-ceiling metal cage for clients seeking a higher degree of privacy and security with independent cage door 
locking equipment 
• Vault colocation service - special dedicated facility management as individual server rooms for more 
security. Two individual server rooms, 145m² and 208m² with independent door locking equipment

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Data Centre Specifications


• Standard power supplied per rack 2.2kVA with scalable options up to 6.6kVA
• Dual municipal power feeds into the building providing 2x 2,500kVA 
• Diesel backup generators fuelled to provide 13 hours power at maximum load 
• Power cascaded to multiple redundant distribution boards servicing multiple zones 
• Two independent power circuits per rack from resilient banks of UPS
• Fully online UPS to ensure frequency, voltage and surge stability 
• Battery capacity at 40 minutes fully charged 
• Power Distribution Unit technology to manage power down to socket level within cabinets, with remote management to reduce the need to come to site

Environment and Air Conditioning:

• Multiple cooling zones with independent CRAC units, each with N 1 redundancy
• Temperature controlled at 18˚C - 26˚C
• Relative humidity controlled at 30% 60% 
• Hot aisle containment 
• Data centre over pressured to ensure dust free environment
• Ceiling height at 2,400 mm
• 400mm raised antistatic floor with durable floor load at 500Kg/sqm 
• Building designed resisting magnitude 6.0 earthquake 
• Water leakage detection system in place


Telehouse Seoul is connected to all major Korean carriers offering the widest breadth of IX and circuit options.
• IX Carriers: KT, LG U+, SK Broadband, KINX 
• Circuit Carriers: KT, LG U+, SK Broadband, Sejong Telecom, DreamLine 

Fire Detection & Suppression:

• Pro-active fire monitoring systems, best practice fire protection and prevention procedures
• HALON gas package fi re suppression 
• Multi-zone monitoring within all plenums
• Diesel generators and tanks are physically separated

Security and Monitoring:

• Comprehensive perimeter and building security, with ‘zones within zones’ for multiple levels of security
• Pre-authorisation required for facility access according to Telehouse Seoul Access policy
• Visitor photo identification required with additional biometric confirmation by vein pattern reader
• Service areas physically separate from data centre areas
• Continuous video surveillance of all zones and cabinets
• Comprehensive audit logs on all access and unified building security and environmental monitoring 
system logs
• Additional bespoke access policies can be implemented for private cage customers
• Alarms and early warning messages alert technicians on duty. All areas have 24 x 7 intelligent monitoring 
and video recording with integrated motion sensing

Additional Services:

• Operation and management of customer equipment to optimize and for stable operation 
• Server, network, storage and security devices (includes OS Platform and solutions) 
• Monitoring and performance/configuration/trouble shooting management
• Provide ASP(MS product), virus vaccine and data backup service
• Provide server and network hardware solutions 
• Server hosting (for e.g. HP, IBM, SUN, Dell)